Collection: Biophilic Decor

Deep within you lies an unbreakable bond with nature, a connection that yearns to be nurtured and celebrated. Biophilia, our innate affinity for all living creatures, drives us to weave nature into our lives. Whether you're seeking to enhance an existing biophilic oasis or embarking on a journey to create one, our extensive range of sculptures offers you the freedom to add a chapter to the story of your space, expressing your unique connection with nature. Transform your biophilic haven into a sanctuary of creativity, serenity and inspiration. 

Our pewter sculptures mirror the intricate beauty of the dance between nature's elements and life itself. Imagine your water feature adorned with a playful Tree Frog, a meercat on the look out at the peak of your rockery or a Pangolin burrowing into it's nest right down below. Bring your plants to life with a charming chameleon and a gecko or two. The dung beetle and hedge hog will leave you smiling and wondering about nature's magnificence as these sculptures seamlessly blend with the organic elements of your space, forging a harmonious symphony that resonates with your instinctual love for nature.