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African Pewter

Pewter - Playful Tree Frog Collection

Pewter - Playful Tree Frog Collection

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Calling All Frog Fans AND Those Who Think They're Just Slimly Little Toads.  

These four little dudes aren't just chilling by a charming pond, they're croacking and climbing in and among branches and stones, having fun like frogs do.

These  beautifully designed frogs are meticulously handcrafted from pewter by our amazingly skilled artisans, to brighten your day and remind you just how epic frogs really are.

Here's the thing, some of their amphibian buddies are facing some big challenges and some 549 frog species are assessed as critically endangered. These adorable frog buddies are a celebration of their importance to environmental health and they teach us about the interconnectivity of life on earth.

We can all help to protect them. So add a splash of nature to your space, and learn more about how to keep these little green guys hopping happy!

Come on, squad up with these adorable tree buddies.

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