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African Pewter

Pewter - Amazing Octopus - Jellybean

Pewter - Amazing Octopus - Jellybean

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Introducing Jellybean - The Exquisite Handcrafted Octopus.

Jellybean is a true masterpiece created by our team of skilled artisans using lead-free pewter. She is a beautiful marine creature with remarkable talents found in the depths of the ocean.

These sentient beings, are extraordinary and have an array of impressive abilities. They are masters of disguise and posses an astonishing memory. Jellybeans real life counterparts can navigate intricate mazes and construct underwater "cities".  They have emotions and humans have not always been aware of these exceptional characteristics of the octopus.  

Jellybean would be delighted to find a place by your water feature or pond, where it can add a touch intrigue to your surroundings.  Bring the enchantment of the ocean into your space with Jellybean, a testament to the wonders of marine life. 

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