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African Pewter

Pewter - Striking Dung Beetle - Tumblebug

Pewter - Striking Dung Beetle - Tumblebug

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Introducing Tumblebug - Where Craftmanship Meets Nature's Ingenious Design!

Tumblebug is meticulously hand crafted from solid pewter and a masterpiece that captures the awe-inspiring essence of one of nature's most fascinating creatures. Tumblebug represents the wondrous diversity found in the natural world and whether you are simply an admirer of nature's brilliance or a wild life ambassador, Tumblebug is a must-have addition to keep your creatures company at your indoor garden, your rockery or water feature.

While traditionally associated with its role in nature, Tumblebug transcends its ecological niche and while it may not move the dung on your desk, he could be holding down your important documents in a unique and stylish way.

The Dung Beetle represents renewal, transformation and the essence of completed cycles. A true blend of form and function. 

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