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African Pewter Expressions

Pewter - The Wacky Tree Frog - Floyd

Pewter - The Wacky Tree Frog - Floyd

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"Meet Floyd, the Wacky Climbing Tree Frog – A Unique Eco-Friendly Companion"

Discover the enchanting world of delightful Floyd. Floyd is hand crafted from solid pewter and is an all time favourite that's sure to bring joy to your surroundings. 

The artist that sculptured Floyd has put so much personality into this little fella, to bring you the true essence of it's character and charm. He is hand manufactured from solid pewter by our team of artisans who take pride in their creations. Floyd will happily oversee your water feature and find a comfy place among your potted plants.

With over 800 species of tree frogs in existence, these colorful amphibians are an integral part of our ecosystems, often playing a vital role in nature's delicate balance. Tree frogs do not all reside in trees,  but they certainly have a fondness for water.

Many tree frog species face the threat of extinction, so Floyd is the ambassador to raise awareness and support the preservation of these enigmatic creatures. By welcoming Floyd into your space, you're joining the mission to protect these remarkable amphibians and their vital role in our ecosystems.

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