We help lovers of the African “bush” and wildlife ambassadors to re-live your favourite nature experiences. All you need is a memory hook to let those emotions and feelings come flooding back.

We hope you enjoy our selection of mini pewter sculptures as much as we enjoyed designing and creating them for you.

Eco-art mini sculptures, in pewter, that will get you back to nature and make Earth a healthier place to live in. Let’s all do our bit to leave this planet in a better state than we found it.

Have a look at the Dung Beetle below. Close your eyes and remember where you last saw one. You’ve just transported yourself back to the bush.

Next time you experience a magical moment, pick up a stone, twig or something you can take home. Hold it in your hand, close your eyes and FEEL the sun and wind on your face SMELL the air, LISTEN to the sounds around you, TASTE the atmosphere, LOOK around you and take in the whole sensory experience, be present, capture the moment. Connect with the Earth and implant the emotion in your brain, feel the object in your hand.

You have just taken a 3D, sensory and emotional “photograph” of your experience to be relived every time you hold that object or “memory hook” in your hand. Use our pewter mini sculptures of animals and insects to bring Mother Nature into your home.