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African Pewter

Pewter - Enchanting Baby Gecko Blossom and Baby Chameleon-Rango

Pewter - Enchanting Baby Gecko Blossom and Baby Chameleon-Rango

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Bringing to YOU......enchanting baby Gecko Blossom and baby Chameleon Rango!

Baby Blossom and Baby Rango are crafted with precision and care and are individually hand crafted by our dedicated team of artisans to capture the intricate details of these fascinating little creatures. We take pride in using lead-free and copper-free pewter which gives them their shimmering finish.

They are the perfect addition to your Biophilic space, potted plants, or water feature. These two little friends are exquisite pieces and a perfect tribute to the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

Experience tranquility and unwind from a hectic day with Baby Blossom and baby Rango in your Biophilic oasis or at your water feature. Infuse your space with the serenity you would find in the great outdoors and let the magic of nature flourish within your surroundings.

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