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African Pewter

Pewter - Adorable Cheese Mice Pips and Pickle - Couple

Pewter - Adorable Cheese Mice Pips and Pickle - Couple

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Introducing Pips and Pickle, the adorable Pewter Cheese Mice - Double the Charm, Twice the Delight!

Imagine the enchantment of Pips and Pickle and the fun they will bring to your cheese and snack platters. These cute, charismatic little rascals will hopefully not snitch your cheese but they might want to share.  

Hand crafted by our amazing team of artisans, using lead free and copper free pewter, makes them a safe addition to your cheeses and snacks and will definitely be a conversation starter. Their presence will evoke your imagination to a time of storybooks and fairytales where imagination and creativity merge. Pips and Pickle will transform your cheeses, fruits and snacks into a sense of whimsical and playfulness, inviting much needed fun and laughter.

Allow their presence to bring delight and light heartedness to any function or gathering. 


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