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African Pewter Expressions

Pewter - The Black Rhino - Aquazi

Pewter - The Black Rhino - Aquazi

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You would be pleased to know that Aquizi made it!

Aquizi the baby black rhino was only three weeks old when he was found near his mothers body who was brutally poached for her horn. Aquazi was so severely traumatized that he had to be blindfolded and sedated before his pneumonia could be treated. Aquizi is currently a stable little miracle, but will need ongoing medical attention and his keep is quite something as he needs a special feeding program to get stronger and remain a miracle. There are many more like him!

We pledge (Two Hundred South African Rand) R200 from every Aquizi we sell, towards Blankets For Baby Rhinos).  You can also contact Animal Survival International directly, should you want to get involved on another level.  

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