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African Pewter Expressions

Pewter - Striking Rhino Beetle - Hercules (One Of The Small Five)

Pewter - Striking Rhino Beetle - Hercules (One Of The Small Five)

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Meet Hercules The Rhinoceros Beetle.

Hercules is a strikingly handsome member of the "Little Five" family. He is hand crafted from lead free pewter, by our talented artisans with precision and care,  and his attention to detail makes him a true favorite among our collection.

Hercules is the perfect gift for Wildlife Ambassadors and bush lovers who cherish the untamed essence of nature. Just like the mighty beetle that can carry 850 times its own body weight, he's a symbol of strength and resilience, so he's ready to work his magic as a unique paperweight while adorning your desk with this beautiful piece of art.

This small yet incredibly strong creature will infuse your indoor garden or rockery with a touch of the uniqueness of the truly untamed wild.  Of course, he'll also harmonize beautifully with the rest of the "Little Five" family, making him an ideal addition to your collection. Embrace the wild with Hercules and let his strength and charm become a part of your life

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