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African Pewter

Recycled Glass and Pewter - Beer Glass - Savannah The Leopard

Recycled Glass and Pewter - Beer Glass - Savannah The Leopard

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Afford Yourself A Lazy Day Beer Accompanied By Savannah The Leopard.

Savannah The Leopard embodies the untamed yet peaceful essence of the wild, and as you experience each sip of your favourite brew, you'll be transported to captivating landscapes where majestic creatures roam freely. Savannah is the gateway to nature's beauty and the thrill of adventure.

This Beer Glass is meticulously hand crafted from recycled glass at Ngwenya Glass in Eswatini, and Savannah is hand crafted by our talented artisans, using lead free and copper free pewter. The attention to detail given to Savannah  will remind you of the untamed spirit of Africa. 

The combination of recycled glass and pewter adds a unique elegance and a touch of eco conscious luxury to your beer drinking experience. Whether you're unwinding after a long day, hosting friends, or celebrating a special occasion, this 850ml beer glass will be your trusted companion, enhancing the flavours and aromas of your favourite brew.

Savannah is not just a glass, it is also a symbol of your commitment to sustainability. Afford yourself the luxury of a lazy day beer accompanied by Savannah The Leopard, and let your senses roam free with each sip. 

Let your glass tell a story of strength, beauty, and appreciation for Africa's wildlife.

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