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African Pewter

Pewter - Illusive Chameleon Dotty

Pewter - Illusive Chameleon Dotty

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Introducing Dotty the Chameleon - Your Eternal Biophilic Companion

Dotty is sculptured by a talented artist with meticulous attention to detail and expertly hand-manufactured from solid pewter by our skilled artisans. 

Dotty depicts the essence of nature's marvel and In her native habitat, she would face a short lifespan, but in your care, Dotty will thrive indefinitely, adding a touch of the wild to your potted plants or Biophilic space. She will even love to live among the other little critters and creatures at your rockery.

In real life, Dotty's eyes could swivel a 180 degrees, and her colors would change with her mood and surroundings. With you taking care of her, she will be forever dazzling and content. Dotty is eager to be your for ever companion, and will add a unique artistic flair to your living space.

Chameleons are considered endangered as their habitat is decimated due to forest clearing and wild life trade.  Please create the awareness.  

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