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African Pewter

Pewter - Unique Pangolin Pair - Peta and Mishwa

Pewter - Unique Pangolin Pair - Peta and Mishwa

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Meet the Unique Pangolin Pair - Peta and Mishwa.

If you haven't already met these two amazing pangolins, you're missing out!

Peta was rescued from a witch doctor and nursed back to health by an amazing team of wildlife carer's and was later released in the Kruger National Park in South Africa to live a happy and content life in her natural habitat. 

Mishwa was born while her mother was being treated after being rescued from poachers, but sadly died two days later despite around the clock care by the amazing team at the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hodpital.

This beautiful pangolin pair is a tribute to Peta and Mishwa and our plight is not only to make rescue possible but to create an awareness of their critically endangered state.   

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