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African Pewter Expressions

Pewter - The Wonderous Leopard Tortoise - Bolt (One of the "Little Five")

Pewter - The Wonderous Leopard Tortoise - Bolt (One of the "Little Five")

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Introducing "Bolt" The Leopard Tortoise – An Emblem of Africa's Splendor

Bolt, the Leopard Tortoise is true craftsmanship and a masterpiece that captures the spirit of this unique creature in very exquisite detail. Bolt is not just a sculpture, but a symbol of the wild, and a tribute to the magnificence of art.  

The Leopard Tortoise is a signature animal of the African Savannah and therefore holds a special place in the heart of most and lives happily as one of the most successful species in it's habitat. 

Bolt is crafted in solid pewter, and bears testament to the intertwinement between nature and the creative song of human hearts. 

The detail in Bolt's intricate design shows the true craftsmanship that brings his beauty to life as a cherished symbol of the "Little Five." He thrives amidst rocks and landscapes and will be happy to make your rockery or indoor garden his new home and will transport you to the heart of the untamed beauty of African vibrancy.

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