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African Pewter

Pewter - Lazing Leopard - Aslan

Pewter - Lazing Leopard - Aslan

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Introducing Aslan The Pewter Leopard – A Majestic Guardian of Strength and Beauty.

Aslan is a symbol of strength, courage and determination. He embodies the wild spirit of Africa's renowned Big Five and while he is known for incredible speed, Aslan prefers to embrace the tranquility of his rocky perch. His presence brings balance between strength and serenity, a reminder that even the mightiest beings find solace in quiet moments.

Aslan stands as a beacon of elegance and power, a reminder of the untamed beauty that graces the African landscapes.

Allow Aslan to become a source of inspiration and a reflection of your own journey as his graceful form adds a touch of majesty to your rockery, water feature and your biophilic space.

Admire Aslan for the timeless artistry of skilled hands as he is hand crafted by our amazing team of artisans using only lead free and copper free pewter to acknowledge the beauty of the natural world.

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