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African Pewter

Pewter - Wacky Hedgehog - Bisquit

Pewter - Wacky Hedgehog - Bisquit

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Introducing "Bisquit" the Wacky Hedgehog - Your Charming Companion

Bisquit is a little hedgehog with a big personality and irresistible charm. She is far more than just a decorative piece as she has an adorable design and a captivating personality. Expertly handcrafted from solid pewter, she will transform your water feature, indoor garden and Biophilic space in a heartbeat.

Bisquit is a social little creature and would love to share your space with her tranquil presence. She is hard to resist, so she may be stolen by friends who need some whimsy in their lives.

Bisquit is just as sweet as a biscuit!

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