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African Pewter

Elegant Recycled Glass And Pewter Napkin Ring - Kudu

Elegant Recycled Glass And Pewter Napkin Ring - Kudu

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Introducing our Extraordinary Kudu Napkin Ring – Encapsulating the Untamed Spirit of the African Bush....

This napkin ring is hand manufactured at Ngwenya Glass in Eswatini and the kudu head is hand crafted by our skillful team of artisans, using lead free pewter. Handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail it reflects our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

This amazing work of art will transport you to the heart of the African bush, where you will feel the pulse of the wild, hear the whisper of the wind and where the majestic kudu roams freely. The tangible connection to the untamed beauty of Africa.

Pair this beautiful piece with the rest of this wildlife collection and create a captivating and memorable lunch or dinner experience. 

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