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African Pewter

Elegant Recycled Glass And Pewter Napkin Ring - Hippo

Elegant Recycled Glass And Pewter Napkin Ring - Hippo

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A Unique Work Of Art Waiting To Accompany You At Your Table Where Feasting Is The Focus.

This napkin rings is hand crafted from recycled glass at Ngwenya Glass in Eswatini, and the Hippopotamus bust is beautifully crafted from solid lead free pewter by our awesome team of craftsmen. This hippo is a unique work of art. The intricate design of this napkin ring is inspired by the the untamed grandeur of this colossal mammal, also called a sea horse due to it's strength and stamina. 

While these semi-aquatic mammals may not be renowned for their social interactions, they spark conversations and add a touch of the extraordinary to your gatherings. 

Indulge in the untamed side of the third-largest mammal on Earth, all while enjoying the company of your family, friends and bush lovers alike. 

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