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African Pewter

Pewter - Amazing Gecko - Bella

Pewter - Amazing Gecko - Bella

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Introducing Bella The Gecko – A Timeless Companion

Bella is meticulously handcrafted from solid pewter and when her lustrous, gleaming little body catches the light, she will add a touch of magic to your indoor haven, fairy garden, water feature, or terrarium. Whether she basks under the rays of the sun or twinkles under the moonlight, Bella's presence will infuse your space with an enchanting radiance.

Bella has a lifespan of up to 15 years in the wild, so she promises to be a lifelong companion in your surroundings for years to come, as her hardiness is as remarkable as her beauty. She can endure up to 14 days without food, so no remembering to feed her, as Bella is undemanding and content to simply keep you company, shining bright to bring you joy! 

Because Bella is a social creature at heart, she will happily share your space with other critters, just as she would in her natural habitat. Bella also has a little one called Blossom and together they will bring happy vibes to everyone around them. Having Bella in your biophilic space, your inviting a piece of the wild as a reminder that there is a connection between the worlds of art, nature and your own space.

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