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African Pewter

Pewter - Curious Meercat - Timone

Pewter - Curious Meercat - Timone

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Introducing Timone The Curios Meerkat - Your Charming Companion of Courage and Laughter!

Timone is curious and adorable and will bring heartwarming humour to your household. With his curious stance and wise demeanor, Timone will be on the look out for every other critter and creature in among your pot plants or your outdoor garden space. This lighthearted little meercat will be your reminder that even the little things in life bring you joy. Timone will remind you that courage and laughter go hand in hand, and that even in the most ordinary moments, there's always room for a touch of magic. Embrace his magic and welcome Timone into your Biophilic space were his wise, curious and humorous nature will creep into your heart and enrich the atmosphere of your living space. 

And....remember, Timone has a family too, so the more the merrier.  


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