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African Pewter

Pewter - Exquisite Wild Dog - Cheese And Pate Knife Set

Pewter - Exquisite Wild Dog - Cheese And Pate Knife Set

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 Experience The Exquisite African Wild Dog.... Cheese and Pate Knife Set. 

Transform your cheese platter into a work of art with this exquisite Cheese and Pate Knife Set.

The African wild dog is tribute to the spirit of the wild and a masterpiece that will  be remembered as an experience. The African Wild Dog is a symbol of untamed beauty and the mysteries of the wilderness. The knives' handles captures the spirit of this elusive animal and brings a touch of wild elegance to your table.

Hand manufactured in solid lead free pewter by our skilled artisans and both blades in high quality stainless steel, ensures easy and safe use with any Brie or Cheddar alike. Every aspect of these knives tells a story of skilled craftsmanship. 

Create memories that linger long after the last bite. 

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