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African Pewter

Pewter - Fascinating Baby-Chameleon Rango

Pewter - Fascinating Baby-Chameleon Rango

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Introducing Enchanting Baby Chameleon Rango -  Your Loyal Companion with Watchful Eyes!

Baby Rango is meticulously crafted from lead free Pewter and is a masterpiece that you would love to add to your indoor garden, pot plants or water feature to bring a sense of wonder and whimsy.  

Imagine little Rango perched among your plants, or gracing the edge of a serene water feature, reflecting the playfulness of its real-life counterpart. Baby Rango is a remarkable creation and will be a fascinating little companion that will bring life to any space among other creatures and critters. He might even have you believe that he is on the look out for his mother, but fear not as he will thrive under your care and attention, so little Rango will ensure that you are never alone.

Welcome little Rango into your space and you will capture the magic of nature and experience the delight of your watchful little guardian.

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