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African Pewter

Pewter - Amazing Antlion - Doodlebug (One Of The Little Five)

Pewter - Amazing Antlion - Doodlebug (One Of The Little Five)

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Welcome Doodlebug The Antlion.

This beautiful and unique Antlion is one of the "little Five" and a captivating embodiment of the African bush that brings a touch of the wild into your home. Doodlebug is meticulously hand crafted in solid, lead free and copper free pewter and is a tribute to one of nature's most intriguing and distinctive creatures and far more than just a decorative piece. 

It's carefully sculpture jaws, shows one of it's most remarkable features which in real life is used to perfect it's hunting skills. This antlion allows you to connect with untamed landscapes and brings the beauty of the African bush into your living space, where it will adorn your indoor rockery, water feature and pot plants. This unusual little creature is handcrafted by our amazing team of artisans, so every detail clearly shows, making it the perfect paperweight or an amazing gift for the bush lover and wild life enthusiast.

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