The Essence Of African Pewter - What We Can Do For YOU!

The Essence Of African Pewter - What We Can Do For YOU!

Who Are We?

African Pewter is your FAVOURITE Pewter Manufacturer.

We care about our planet and we have a BIG heart for the preservation of our wildlife. We work hard to create an awareness of our ever declining wildlife and their habitat, by creating mini pewter sculptures to remind people that preservation truly matters.  To remind individuals as well as communities that we are ALL stewards of the beautiful planet we inhabit.  We strive to bring awareness to HOW important it is to be good stewards and how we can all be involved in the preservation of our wildlife and their habitats and how the survival of one species directly affects that of another.  African Pewter is also on board with a few projects to assist in the education of this knowledge as well as supporting organizations in their endeavor to rehabilitate the species that are so fast diminishing in numbers.

African Pewters have had the privilege to interact with many companies in the last 15 years. We have been asked many a time to propose unusual and different designs as well as manufacture some amazing bespoke items.

What we can do for YOU.......

We share with you a few of the projects we have been privileged to be a part of.

We take pride in this particular project that was for a company based in Gauteng, South Africa. The design was to celebrate their 25th anniversary.  Every glass is individually handmade by Ngwenya Glass and every coaster is individually manufactured by African Pewter.

To share our amazing experience in getting this 25th anniversary project done and dusted Please click on the link was an absolutely amazing project and our customer was immensely chuffed! 

Who Are We?

The Founder Of African Pewter

Jez is the founder and director of African Pewter. He founded the company in 2007 and raised his baby ever since. His heartbeat was and still is, to incorporate his love and passion for wildlife and endangered species with his love for pewter. What Is Pewter ?

A Man With A Mission....

Jez has a mission…… to depict the urgency and create the awareness that our planet and its inhabitants need so desperately. By carefully selecting, crafting and casting these critters, creatures, and beasties, he is doing just that! Give the man a Bells!

A Woman With A Mission......

Sandi has a mission......with a great sensitivity toward the outcry of animals and Mother Earth, she is always looking for ways to get involved in the preservation of our wildlife and our planet. If you wish to collaborate with African Pewter to build a relationship and encourage communities to get "involved", she is the person to talk to.

Together, we are here to "serve" you and to ensure that you have a great customer experience. We thrive on adding family members to African Pewter.

Bush lovers And Wildlife Ambassadors

That does not mean that If YOU are a lover of the “bush” or wildlife ambassador, you are forgotten.

 African Pewter makes it possible through our pewter sculptures, for you to grab a memory hook and allow your emotions to flood back, and re-live the experiences you once had, or to treasure a mini sculpture to remind you of  YOUR role in Amazing Africa!

Tricks Of The Trade.....

Self taught and challenged, too many times to count, Jez had to learn the "tricks of the trade" to produce unique and amazing products and live his passion at the same time. Nothing at African Pewter is done “by the book”, which means that the pewter used is Jez’s own distinctive “recipe” as it were, as each item cast has its own specifications.  This ”manufacturing skill” is just one of Jez’s secret keys to the very unique products that come from African Pewter. 

Fun...Fun And More Fun Learning How To ENJOY Pewter!


Students learning and having loving the workshops

African Pewter - Workshops

Jez has also taken many a student under his wing and parted with his knowledge during the one and three day workshops that takes place on request at African Pewter. Because of his love for pewter, Jez generously shares his ever growing knowledge with his students, sometimes years after a workshop when someone contacts him for a “head scratcher” that seems unsolvable.

Students are often amazed and so exited about what they achieve

African Pewter - Fun Workshops

Some of the students have successfully started their OWN business and others continued to explore pewter as a hobby, but I have not come across a single student that has not enjoyed the fun filled workshops.

Students are learning and having and more fun!

The one-day workshops are designed for students who are interested only in the casting, fettling, and polishing and of course in having loads of fun doing so.

The three day workshops are designed to teach students the art and math of mold making as well as the casting, fettling, and polishing, and of course the fun aspect of the practical experience. 

African Pewter Students

 For any information regarding the workshops please contact Jez on :- or 

Project For Wildepaardejacht Working Wine Farm ....

Just outside of Paarl - South AfricaS

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